Tesla makes Robotaxis Economic

Tesla makes robotaxis economic

Simple napkin maths says that Tesla makes robotaxis economic. In fact the numbers are so high they are just not believable? So what is stopping this? Politics? Technology. The only thing seems to be timing. Will it be this year? 2024?

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Hydrogen Myths and Opportunities

5 hydrgen myths explained

Renewable green hydrogen is a myth when auto makers and fossil fuel companies say will transform the transportation network. Here are 5 simple reasons you need to dispel myths about hydrogen

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Renewable Energy Transformation by 2025

changes in environmental environment

Australia can and should get to 400 % renewable energy by 2030 to be a leader in carbon planning globally.

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5G Explained

5G Explained

5G is misunderstood and the conspiracy believers are out in full force. Here I try to make this simple so it can be understood. In undertanding some principles you can then decide which part you don’t like or things that are exciting.

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Autonomous Cars by 2023

The Robotaxi – Here in 2023 or 2035? Want a 40% pay increase? Ditch the cars and go autonomous vehicles. Here are 10 reasons why robotaxis will be in widespread use by 2024 (and Australia soon after). Elon Musk, futurists

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Goal Setting

2017 Goal Presentation Questionnaire This is a worksheet 1 pager for a group – based on feedback and courses over many years. Many times goal planning is all day or even two days. But top of mind can sometimes be

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Time Management

Do you sometimes have moments when you wondered how productive you are? Sometimes not very. There are some many books / pictures / blogs out there, but this one has a good selection of really simple, but effective tips. It

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The Mobile Network

500 million photos are uploaded every day. Sharing of digital information has grown 9 times in five years. And China is leading the digital charge. If you haven’t seen it already, “Queen of the ‘Net” Mary Meeker has uploaded her

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The 8 Steps for Website Preparation

How do you get the right website for your business? Start planning. Start with who is going to visit your site, and what you want or how do you want your visitors to respond. This simple 8 point process helps smooth the design, construction and deployment of your business.

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10 things to make you more productive

10 things to make your life more productive.
Avoid meetings without an agenda
Never take a call from someone you don’t know.
Permanently turn off your voice mail
Sort your email with an app.
Disable email and texting when you need to focus
Give social butterflies short shift
Eat well
Take a walk.
Make your decisions more quickly.
Disconnect for 12 hours each day.

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