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10 things to make you more productive

10 things to make your life more productive.
Avoid meetings without an agenda
Never take a call from someone you don’t know.
Permanently turn off your voice mail
Sort your email with an app.
Disable email and texting when you need to focus
Give social butterflies short shift
Eat well
Take a walk.
Make your decisions more quickly.
Disconnect for 12 hours each day.

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Customer Acquisition and Life Time Value – Key metrics

Over the past 20 years, there is one key element of startups that I was a bit backward in understanding; and used other words to describe it.  During the fast few years though, there has been lots written about the

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Goal Setting

Goal planning is easy to do, but few every do it as it is too complicated, does not seem important enough. Yet having some plan helps most people in their day to day life.

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