Time and Money

All businesses are short of time and money. Mostly time. Time to manage staff, time to look after customers or find new ones. So you have to stop doing lots of things, to do the things that make a difference. Most people and businesses have large "To Do" lists. Stop doing the things that don't make a difference, and spend more time on what needs doing. It will surprise you on how much you accomplish when you stop trying to do everything.

Measure the Baseline

With clarity about where you are, and what is important, the third phase is to measure progress. Without measures, how do you know what the performance is like. The challenge is that what you measure becomes important. Measure what is important. If you get the measure wrong, you start doing the wrong things. With the right measures, your business will grow and thrive.

Business Models

Businesses may not fully have their key value proposition clear. Then fail to know their baseline. What is missing? Is it a business plan? A sales process? Is it cash flow.? Not enough customers? Not enough margin? Understanding what is the current situation is the first step in business improvement. How is the business doing? Who are your customers? How are your staff performing?